Dishwasher Job in Canada-Apply Now

Most people hate to clean dishes. Because of this, many people pay big bucks to eat out and have someone else prepare their food.

If you’re a fan of washing dishes, or if you’re looking for a job in the restaurant industry, a dishwasher job is a great opportunity.


While washing dishes in your house may seem tedious, it’s not the same as doing it in a restaurant. Most establishments have large commercial dishwashing machines that can quickly wash food trays.

However, the trays are loaded into the machines and scalded with hot water. Since the machines can’t handle large pans and pots, some people may be required to wash dishes by hand.

The dishwasher is responsible for unloading the food and utensils brought to them by the bus. They then load them into dish trays.

Dishwasher Job in Canada – (Salary $880 Per Week)

There are several dishwasher jobs available in Canada, and we’ll list some of them. The following are dishwasher jobs in Canada;


1. Dishwasher-Compact Group

Location: Toronto

Hours: Part-time


About the Company

Although you may not know who Compass Group Canada is, you should know that they are part of a global organization that’s one of the largest employers in the world.

With over 625,000 employees globally, they are a part of a group known for providing support and food services to some of the world’s most prominent companies.

In addition to being located in major cities across Canada, they also have locations worldwide.

These include schools, hospitals, office buildings, tourist attractions, remote camps, and military installations. With over 50 countries to choose from, you can grow and learn with Compass Group Canada.

Job Details

As a dishwasher, you’ll ensure that the food and utensils you’re handling are organized and sanitary. This includes keeping the kitchen and work areas clean.

Using the assigned equipment and procedures, you’ll be able to clean and sanitize all types of food and utensils. You’ll also use various cleaning techniques such as chemical dip, burnishing machine, and hand cloth.


You will also be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen and dish area. Doing so ensures that the equipment is working correctly and meets safety standards.

You also ensure that the trash cans are placed correctly in the designated containers. You’ll also assist in unloading and loading various products and equipment between the work and storage areas.


  • -You must possess a valid Food Handler Certificate
  • -Show willingness to work in a fast-paced environment
  • -Ability to work under pressure

Wage: $19.00/hour

2. Dishwasher-Real Foods for Real Kids

Location: Toronto, Canada

Hours: Fulltime Monday to Friday, 11 am to 7 pm

Wage: $19.00 per hour

About the Company

Real Food for Real Kids is a leading provider of healthy catering services to schools, childcare centers, and camps.

It has been recognized for its innovation and excellence. The company delivers over 15,000 nutritious meals daily to children in the Toronto area.

With a mission to inspire a lifetime of good eating, you’ll join a fast-growing organization dedicated to making a difference in the world.

Job Details

This position involves maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of the entire production area, which includes the kitchen, staff kitchen, and pack floor.

In addition, this is a support position for the other kitchen staff members, so they can ensure that their tasks are done to the highest safety standards.

You’ll handle various equipment and supplies, such as washing bins, hotel pans, and equipment. You’ll also restock multiple items throughout the facility.

You’re responsible for waste removal, counting various food items, et cetera.

3. Dishwasher-Medieval Times

Location: Canada

Wage: $19 per hour

Job Description

The Medieval Times is seeking experienced and passionate individuals to join its team as part of its kitchen staff.

This position will allow you to help ensure that the restaurant’s guests have the best possible experience.

Job Details

The successful candidate will be responsible for preparing and cooking various food items for the restaurant’s pre-selected menu. They’ll also maintain the cleanliness of the work area and the equipment.

Qualifications: High school diploma or its equivalent.

4. Dishwasher-Aramark

Location: Canada

Wage: $20 per hour

Job Description

At Aramark, they take pride in providing the best possible service and safety to our customers. They’re currently seeking a dishwasher to join their team and help maintain the cleanliness of their facilities.

This is the start of your career and an excellent opportunity to pursue what matters most to you.

Job Details

The successful candidate will be able to maintain the cleanliness of the restaurant’s equipment and utensils by washing and cleaning all of them.

The dishwasher will also maintain the cleanliness of the various areas of the restaurant, such as the dishwashing station and the sink. They’ll additionally perform other light maintenance tasks to keep the facility running smoothly.

The successful candidate will also maintain a positive attitude towards their customers and the company’s various employees. They’ll additionally follow the company’s safety and sanitation policies.


Show an understanding of basic safety and sanitation procedures.

Must be flexible to work different hours.

5. Dishwasher-Dasha

Location: Canada

Wage: $19.00

Job Description

They’re currently seeking individuals to join their team at Dasha, a Cantonese-inspired restaurant located in the King West neighborhood.

Rant is operated by a group known as Honeycomb Hospitality, which internationally acclaimed chef Akira Back leads.

It results from a collaboration between two of Toronto’s most prominent hospitality groups.


As a fan of washing dishes, if you’re looking for a job in the restaurant industry, a dishwasher job in Canada is a great opportunity.

I have put together all the needed information you will need before applying for a dish washing position in this article and believe it’d be of great help to you.

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