10 Best Fashion Jobs In Canada 2023/24-Apply Now

If you’re looking for a career in fashion, there are a few different paths you can take. But what are the best fashion jobs in Canada?

We’ve compiled a list of Canada’s 10 best fashion jobs based on job satisfaction, salary, and outlook.


So whether you’re interested in design, marketing, or merchandising, there’s a role on this list for you. Keep reading to learn more about the best fashion jobs in Canada!

10 Best Fashion Jobs In Canada

Below outlined are our top ten picks for the best fashion jobs in Canada.

1. Fashion Stylist

As a fashion stylist, you will be responsible for selecting and coordinating outfits for clients.

This may involve working with designers, stores, and individual clients to find the perfect look for a photoshoot, event, or everyday wear.


Your duties will also include keeping up with current trends, researching new designers and labels, and shopping for clothes and accessories.

You may also be responsible for styling hair and makeup to complete the overall look.


To succeed in this role, you should have a good eye for detail, an excellent fashion sense, and work well under pressure.

Good organizational skills are also important, as you will often be working with multiple clients at once.

2. Personal Shopper

A personal shopper is someone who helps others choose the right clothing and accessories to suit their style, budget, and body type.

Personal shoppers typically work in department stores or high-end retail establishments. They may also be employed by online retailers or private shopping services.

Some personal shoppers work with clients one-on-one, while others may give group presentations or workshops.

Most personal shoppers offer advice on current fashion trends, color coordination, accessorizing, and dressing for specific occasions.


They may also offer Wardrobe consultations to help their clients develop a cohesive and stylish wardrobe that meets their needs.

In order to be a successful personal shopper, you must have excellent people skills and a keen eye for fashion. You should also be able to think on your feet and make quick decisions.

If you have a background in fashion design or merchandising, that will certainly come in handy.

But even if you don’t have formal training in fashion, you can still succeed in this field as long as you’re passionate about it and willing to learn.

10 Best Fashion Jobs In Canada 2023/24-Apply Now


3. Fashion Consultant

Fashion consultants help customers choose the right clothing and accessories for their body type, lifestyle, and budget.

They may work in a retail setting or be independent consultants who work with clients online or in person.

Fashion consultants need to understand current fashion trends and what styles are flattering for different body types.

They also need to be able to listen to their client’s needs and preferences and help them find the clothing and accessories that will make them feel their best. Good communication and customer service skills are essential for this job.

4. Fashion  Photographer

Fashion photographers are the visual storytellers behind the fashion industry. They photograph models, clothing, and accessories for magazines, catalogs, and advertising campaigns.

Fashion photographers can choose to specialize in any area of the industry: commercial photography or editorial photography; fashion or beauty; runway or editorial; high-end couture or mass market.

Some also work as art directors on magazine shoots and photo shoots for advertising campaigns.

5. Visual Merchandiser

You will create and implement eye-catching displays in retail stores as a visual merchandiser.

You will need to have an excellent sense of aesthetics and be able to work with a variety of materials. This is a creative role that requires you to be organized and detail-oriented.

You will work closely with store managers and buyers to ensure that the merchandise is displayed in a way that appeals to customers and maximizes sales. You will need to stay up-to-date on fashion and interior design trends.

This is a fast-paced job that requires you to be able to work quickly and efficiently. The ability to problem solve and think creatively is essential.

If you are looking for a challenging and exciting fashion industry job, this is the position for you!

6. Fashion Show Producer

As a fashion show producer, you’ll be responsible for putting together all the elements of a fashion show, from the models and designers to the venue and lighting.

You’ll need to have a good eye for detail and a passion for fashion to succeed in this role.

Fashion shows are a big business in Canada, and you’ll be at the heart of it all as a producer. You’ll work with top designers and models to create stunning displays that will wow audiences.

To succeed, you’ll need to be well-organized and have a good sense of what’s popular in the fashion world.

This is your role if you’re looking for a creative job that combines your love of fashion with your organizational skills.

7. Fashion Publicist

A fashion publicist is responsible for promoting and managing the public image of fashion designers, brands, and models. They work with the media to generate positive client coverage and exposure.

Fashion publicists must have a strong understanding of the fashion industry, be excellent communicators, and think creatively to develop innovative ways to promote their clients.

The job of a fashion publicist is very important in helping fashion designers, brands, and models build a positive reputation and gain exposure.

Without a good publicist, it would be very difficult for these professionals to get the media coverage they need to succeed.

If you are interested in working as a fashion publicist, you should have a strong understanding of the industry and be able to think creatively to come up with new ideas to promote your clients.

8. Model

Models are the embodiment of an ideal. They are tall and beautiful, with perfect bodies and faces.

But what does a model do? That is exactly what it sounds like: models sell products by wearing them in public.

They’re employed to represent companies at trade shows, magazines, billboards, and commercials.

Models can also work as fashion photographers or stylists. The pay is good, and there are plenty of opportunities for those willing to relocate overseas.

9. Costume Designer

As a costume designer, you will be responsible for designing and creating the costumes for all the characters in a production.

This includes both the lead roles and the supporting cast. You will need to understand fashion and design well to create looks appropriate for the show’s time period and style.

Also you will also need to be able to work within a budget and make sure that all of the costumes are ready on time.

You may need to deal with some last-minute changes, so it is important to be flexible.

If you are interested in becoming a costume designer, you should start by taking some classes in fashion design or related fields.

You can also look into internship opportunities at theaters or other production companies.


10. Make-Up Artist

In Canada, the role of a makeup artist is important in the fashion industry. Makeup artists are responsible for creating and maintaining the looks of models and celebrities.

They must be able to work with all different types of skin tones and face shapes to create the desired look.

Makeup artists must have a strong understanding of color theory and makeup application techniques.

They should be up-to-date on the latest trends in both makeup and fashion. In addition, they should be able to work quickly and efficiently under pressure.

The best makeup artists are those who have a passion for both makeup and fashion.

If you have a creative flair and are interested in helping people look their best, then a career as a makeup artist may be right for you!



So there you have it! Our list of the best fashion jobs in Canada. We hope this has given you some inspiration for your career in fashion.

Of course, these are just a few of the many great job options available in the fashion industry.

So if you’re looking for a career in fashion, be sure to keep your options open and explore all the possibilities!

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